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Social media has become an integral part of today’s marketing landscape.  While social media may be one of the first things to fall off your to-do list when you’re low on time, remember:  Social media is valuable for businesses of any size or industry, and finding customers on social media has a direct impact on sales and your bottom line.  We can help! 

  • Facebook

2.7 Billion Users

Facebook continues to be the best social network to set up camp on as a business. It's an absolute no-brainer to be there.

  • Instagram

1 Billion Users

Hello Instagram. 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. That means no matter what your product is, you have to present it in a visual way.

  • Twitter

330 Million users

 Twitter gives businesses access to audiences around the world, while providing an opportunity to interact with customers instead of continuously promoting products and services.

  • LinkedIn

303 million users

LinkedIn for business allows you to build credibility, create a meaningful network, and glean insider expertise from established experts in your industry. 30 million companies use LinkedIn for business.


$700 / month
  • Facebook & Instagram

  • 12 Posts Per Month

  • Page Monitoring & Responding 

  • Boost Ad Management (Basic)


$800 / month
  • Facebook & Instagram

  • 20 Posts Per Month

  • Page Monitoring & Responding 

  • Boost Ad Management (Basic)


$1100 / month
  • Facebook & Instagram

  • 40 Posts Per Month

  • Page Monitoring & Responding

  • Boost Ad Management (Basic)

Create results that influence customer relations, brand awareness, and increase sales.


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